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Miste Newport

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Hometown: Hyrum

State: UT

I am a fiber artist. I spin (on a spinning wheel) various fibers into yarn. Some I obtain in raw form fresh from the plant or animal and wash and hand comb it into a spinnable or useable fiber. I also spin other exotic fibers into yarn. I have and care for Alpacas and Angora rabbits for exotic fiber and offer it as well to spinners and felters. I offer blended fibers for spinners and felters. I knit lace shawls and other wearable items with my handspun yarns and I Knit baby blankets from washable fiber. I make dryer balls from raw fiber and embellish them. I felt natural fiber after spinning it and then knitting it into felted bags.

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Mission Statement

Summerfest Arts Faire, an annual juried event held on the grounds of the Logan Tabernacle, celebrates the arts in Cache Valley by bringing people together to enjoy a festival of high-quality art, music and food.

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Mailing Address: 
69 East 100 North
Logan, UT 84321

Event Location:
Historic Downtown
50 North Main Street
Logan, UT 84321

Email: info@logansummerfest.com

Phone: 435-213-3858

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